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Views on Vertigo

Once a decade, the British Film Institute conducts a poll of critics, distributors, programmers, and scholars to determine the “50 Greatest Films of All Time.” This poll was conducted in the fall of 2012 and after Citizen Kane had enjoyed a fifty-year reign at the top spot, the Welles masterpiece was replaced by that of Hitchcock.

While such rankings may not reflect opinions of a rising generation of film fans, how would you support such a ranking or argue for alternative choices. You may support your opinions on the impact of the film, or details of the film itself. You are encouraged to reference opinion (at the time of the film’s initial release or any time since) of a critic, director, or scholar that you feel supports your observations.

Comments (with images if you choose) should be posted under the “Views on Vertigo” category and are due by 5:00 on Friday, November 7th.

Happy Families?
After having viewed Shadow of a Doubt, Spellbound, and Strangers on a Train, consider one or more of the films and comment on Hitchcock’s depiction of family dynamics or his use of Freudian theory as you analyze a theme associated with the director’s interests in an individual’s motivation for behavior or their relationships with others. You should include a citation–properly formatted–from one of the assigned readings in support of your observations or an opinion that you wish to refute. You may also choose to illustrate your ideas with images from the film/s.

Post your contribution under the category of “Hitchcock Themes.” Your posts are due by 5:00 on 24 October.

Blog Assignment #1

Now that you have viewed the Lodger and Blackmail, identify one theme or visual motif in Hitchcock’s early work that you think begins to define a Hitchcock style. You are encouraged to add an image/images to your post that would help explain your observation about one/both films. Be sure to post under the “Silent to Sound” category of posts.

Posts are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, 22 September, 2014.