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Location proposal #2 was created by the artist Cindy Bernard is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Vertigo. The myth about the Muir Woods is that it was said to have been photographed for Vertigo but it was not. The Woods are featured in Vertigo when the rangers reveals the locations in the woods.

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This 1946 film was wonderfully constructed by Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematography. This paper explains the different camera shots used in the film with descriptions of the scene when it was taken place. I decided to talk about the tracking shot, medium shot, close up shots and orbital shots that are in the film. Using different camera shots in a film allows the film to display unique aspects. Hitchcock’s use of camera angles gives the film his Hitchcockian style. This film is known to have the best camera angles in all of Hitchcock’s films. Hitchcock even made is own platform to allow the camera to slowly creep down onto Alicia’s hand where she is holding the key, to get a certain shot for one scene. Behind every camera shot that is displayed in the film there is almost always a hidden message. For example the scene with the tracking shot of the cup of coffee being carried over to Alicia made it clear that the coffee contains poison and that Sebastian and his mother are trying to kill Alicia. Hitchcock’s use of cinematography in Notorious is one the best throughout all of his films.

Views on Vertigo

Vertigo would have to be in my top 3 as my favorite movies. This film is about Scottie forcing Judy to change her appearance to match his lost love. Scottie’s only reason for doing this is so Judy looks like Madeline which is his lover who supposedly committed suicide. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of the film because it has a lot to do with identity and is very suspenseful. This was my first time watching Vertigo and at first I couldn’t tell that Judy and Madeline were the same person playing different roles. Until we met for class discussion I saw then that they were the same person. I think the camera shots were very well done throughout the entire film.

Blog Post #1

Hitchock uses shadows to give hidden messages within the film. In The Lodger when Hitchcock portrays the cross on the Lodgers face it does not symbolize Christianity but symbolizes that he is two faced. In the film Blackmail Crewe was portrayed as having an evil mustache appear across his face. The mustache symbolizes Crewe as being an ominous character.