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Personally, I thought that Vertigo could have been done in a different way and been much better. I don’t think that it deserved the No. 1 spot on the list of “50 Greatest Films of All Time” according to The British Film Institute. The slow pace of the movie made it too slow to follow. While the premise is interesting, a man murdering his wife and having a woman pretend to be her so the authorities assume it is suicide, the pace of the movie made it too slow to be as captivating as it could be.

The cinematography, on the other hand, was well worth all the praise it received. This movie is actually the second movie to give me motion sickness while I was sitting on solid ground, the first being Gravity. It deserves all of the praise it receives for that. The cinematography is good, but the pacing is too slow for it to have what I think is its intended effect.



The dream sequence, in particular, shows how amazing the camerawork and special effects can be. However, the slow pacing dragged the film down.

If I had to pick one of Hitchcock’s films to replace Vertigo on that list, I would have to say either Rear Window or Psycho. Both had excellent pacing along with the themes from Hitchcock we’re all so fond of.

Hitchcock and Staircases

In this article from the Catholic University, the author describes how staircases are used throughout Hitchcock’s films. Staircases are symbols of many things including the occult and the unconscious. A large part of some of Hitchcock’s movies is the discussion of the unconscious part of the brain, for example in Spellbound. A number of Hitchcock’s films reference the unconscious. The article also makes a point of showing how the stairs usually have men with mother issues at the top.