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Hitchcock and Contemporary Art

Pierre Huyghe is really zeroing in on the scene from Rear Window in which James Stewart is staring out his window, and Huyghe really captures Hitchcock’s motif of the camera. I think Huyghe is interested in the idea of just watching the world go by. Understanding a man without ever having met him, looking at his habits and day-to-day life. The idea that by simply observing the world go by, your world goes by. Time will speed by if one lets it. The fact that James Stewart gazes upon the outside is almost like a world similar but yet parallel to his. hitch 3

Hitch in the modern day

April 4th

Option 2

A popular early 2000’s show by the name of That 70’s Show made an episode as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, in fact it was the first time in which it had heard of him. The episode was a Halloween episode in which there is a combination of Hitchcock movies thrown into the mix.  You had the main character gazing on his neighbor through his window believing he had seen a murder. The mother taking care of the neighbors bird witch turns out to be aggressive, and many more references. The popular TV show The Simpsons also made many episodes based on movies such as Dial “M” for Murder, Vertigo, and Strangers on a train. The idea that to this day TV shows are still making tribute episodes to movies that were made in the 1940’s-50’ speaks ends in of itself. Very few other directors have gained the levels of fame that Hitch has reached. hitch 2

What’s observed through the rear window

March 21st

The idea of observation as opposed to really living these is a truly remarkable movie motif. Hitchcock allows the audience to feel as though they know the neighbors whom Jefferies is observing. I found it curious the way Stewart’s character reacted to entrance of Grace Kelly into his life. He was unconcerned frankly wanted her to leave. Stewart’s character was more involved with the outside world in which he was observing than making real and present relationships. I thought the suspense of watching Kelly’s character move about the room was truly ingenious. The moments in which the audience does not know where she is, or where the killer is left me on the edge of my seat. Hitch did a great job with the film.