Birdemic: a “Tribute” to Hitchcock

There are some terrible movies that can only be described as an experience. You might sit and laugh at the horrible acting and effects, or maybe sit with your head in your hands wondering how humanity created such a bad film. These were the reactions when my friends and I watched Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010). Inspired by Hitchcock’s The BirdsBirdemic features the best acting, graphics, and audio that a $10,000 budget can apparently buy (which isn’t much, evidently). The film focuses on environmentalism and the dangers of global warming, as director James Nguyen stated he was inspired by Al Gore as well as Hitchcock.

The trailer for the film really says it all:


With 1.8 stars on IMDb, I’d recommend this film to anyone who enjoys watching bad movies for fun.

James Nguyen attempts to mimic Hitchcock’s promotions

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