Bob’s Burger’s and Hitchcock

Bob’s Burger’s is a common, young adult, animated series, about a man who owns a burger restaurant and his crazy, yet realistic family. Recently an episode aired for Thanksgiving that could only be referencing one thing, The Birds. It was time for the Thanksgiving feast and the town decided to honor thanksgiving that they would have a “Running of the Birds.” Yes, it’s exactly at is sounds, the town released tons of birds into the streets and encouraged the townspeople to run with them. Everything takes a turn for the worst when the birds begin to attack the people. Soon the town is in utter chaos. As you can see in the clip below, instead of creepy crows and ravens, there are turkeys and chickens but the idea is still very much the same.

[youtube][/youtube] At the end of the

episode the situation is resolved in a slightly different manner than the Hitchcock film however.Instead of the birds leaving Linda, the mother, discovers that there is a serious pecking order between the birds, literally, and that they are all fighting to get to the top of the pecking order. Linda then pecks the other birds and her family forcing the birds to accept her dominance. The birds then leave and Thanksgiving was a success. Therefore, even with some drastic changes it is still very evident as to what Bob’s Burger’s drew their inspiration from.

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