Subject to a Film: Marnie by Stan Douglas

Stan Douglas is an artist who is famously known for reworking films.  He reworked the robbery scene in Hitchcock’s 1964 film, Marnie, in his short film work, Subject to a Film: Marnie.  Douglas in this work did a loop of the scene where Marnie robs the office where she is employed, but he modernizes the set.  For example, he changes out the typewriters with computers.  However, he does make this short film in black and white, instead of color.  The film actually slows down during the action sequences and the loop ends right as Marnie is about to leave which symbolizes that she can never escape her crimes.  In his 1995 review,  Tom Eccles describes the work as “creating the effect of a recurring nightmare” as the character, rather than escaping is “caught in the film loop, forever trapped within the confines of the office.”  The whole work is not online, however there are images of it.



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