miguel perez Abstract

Miguel Perez

This paper is going to focus on Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Lady Vanishes. This paper will cover influences in the film to the different design elements Hitchcock used. Hitchcock has produced dozens of films through his carrier; however The Lady Vanishes is uniquely different from his other films. The first texts cover the early days in Hitchcock’s cinematographical experimentation and his fondness to certain techniques. This early cinematography covers his experimentation with camera techniques and how they were influential in his later films. In addition, I will cover the plot devices that are used in the film and different phobias that Hitchcock used in the film along with their significance. The film The Lady Vanishes is rife with basic elements that Hitchcock translates into later films. The texts surmise how these elements influenced Hitchcock work.
The reminder of the texts encompasses both feminism influence in The Lady Vanishes and future Hitchcock films. The text also covers the McGuffins and the small mistakes that Hitchcock has in The Lady Vanishes. The intent of this is not to bash Hitchcock; it is merely showing that sometimes his experimentation with film techniques while cool and innovative can sometimes get away from him.

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