Martijn Hendriks – “Give us Today our Daily Terror”

The first thing that comes into one’s mind when one thinks of “The Birds” is, of course, birds. The entire film revolves around the horror inflicted by the avian creatures upon the human residents of Bodega Bay. Martijn Hendriks, a Dutch artist, decided to find out what “The Birds” would be like with no birds. The result is an ongoing project by the name of, “Give Us Today our Daily Terror,” a digitally-edited version of “The Birds” with every bird painstakingly removed.

Tippi Hedren, birdless

The effect is eerie: characters run and scream, chased by nothing. It seems almost as though a mass insanity has descended upon them. With this realization, one begins to wonder: if the birds do not exist, what killed these people? The only possible answer, without delving into the supernatural, is the people themselves.

Attacked by an invisible assailant – or insanity?

Hendriks, Martijn, Give us Today our Daily Terror, 2008, film. 1.37:1 aspect ratio. Ongoing project Рnot currently on display.

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