Hitchcock and. . . LADY GAGA?

Yes, that’s right folks.  Lady Gaga has a habit of referencing Hitchcock (not always in the best ways).  For example, the song “Bad Romance”.



Let’s take a look at the lyrics:


I want your Psycho,

your Vertigo  stick

Want you in my Rear Window,

baby you’re sick.

It’s a horrible, horrible reference to anal sex (much like Hitchcock tends to reference homosexuality in his films),  You get the idea.

Now, let’s take a look at the video for “Born This Way”.


Does the opening track sound familiar?  Well, it should.  That is the theme from Vertigo.  Not only that, but Gaga appears as an ethereal creature while also taking a distinctly human form (and others, but then again she can’t stick with one look), another possible reference to Hitchcock.

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