Murder! (1930)

This 1930’s classic movie of Hitchcock’s is analyzed for its strong sexual content, profanity, and sexism.  Even though this was still technically early in his career, Hitchcock was making profound statements about the ignorance of society.  This paper argues that Hitchcock made statements on topics so controversial that the audience at the time was not ready to handle them, and would have been better received in a society much like today.  The reason that there are so little sources on the film itself is due to the fact that nobody wanted to talk about sexism or sexuality in 1930.  On top of this, the market was crashing and nobody had the money to go out to appreciate the film.  The film contained the most famous motifs, such as shadows across faces, a cameo from the director himself, and a falsely accused victim.  The hero of the film is much like that of The 39 Steps in the sense that the protagonist is has to go on a quest to discover a covered up truth.  Hitchcock, the master of suspense, has already come into his his voice as a director and this film rings with meaning even today.

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