Hitchcock’s Collaboration With Edith Head



My focus of study was the collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and Edith Head.  Hitchcock is one of the most well known directors and Edith Head is the most celebrated costume designer in history. One of the subjects emphasized this semester was the importance of a healthy collaboration and it was obvious that the pair worked well together.  They boasted a production of eleven films in their collaboration, more than any other costume designer Hitchcock worked with.  In my paper I focus on how Edith Head worked with Hitchcock to use costumes as a plot device, to define femininity, and create the style of the Hitchcock heroine and their connection in their professional and personal relationships.  Hitchcock trusted Head a great deal.  He would be a fool not to — Head was the recipient of eight Academy Awards (nominated for 34) in a career spanning six decades while working on 1,131 films with primary design credits in over 350.  The major sources for my research included Edith Head: The Life and times of Hollywood’s Celebrated Designer compiled by David Chierichetti and Edith Head’s Hollywood compiled by Paddy Calistro, both containing first hand accounts as told by Head about the process of working with Hitchcock.  The paper spans the timeline of their collaboration, from the beginnings of Head’s career and how she came to work with Hitchcock and their final project together.


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