Dial M for Murder and Rear Window

Grace Kelly’s role in these two films from 1954 will be examined. This paper focuses on Hitchcock’s negative depiction of women in these two films regarding the Hitchcock blonde, the victimization of women with their roles in society, and romantic irony. In these two films, Kelly is placed in two very different situations. In Dial M for Murder, Margot’s husband plots  to murder her, but in Rear Window, Lisa notices suspicious behavior taking place in the Thorwald’s apartment. Kelly therefore “switches places” as she reverses from a murder witness to the individual to be murdered. Both of Kelly’s characters, Lisa Fremont and Margot Wendice, will be examined and compared in both films with a larger focus on her role in Dial M for Murder. Using the analysis of Richard Allen’s analysis of Hitchcock’s films, published in 2007, the romantic irony and victimization of women will be inspected. This paper argues that Dial M for Murder and Rear Window give a negative connotation to women.

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