Cindy Bernard: Ask the Dust

Cindy Bernard is a talented photographer who was been featured in Hitchcock and Contemporary Art by Christine Sprengler. One of her projects, Ask the Dust, is comprised of twenty-one photographs of locations from well-known films released between the fifties and seventies. Bernard traveled to the exact places the films portray and photographed them as they are today. She included some of the works of Hitchcock, as well as other directors.

From North by Northwest, where Thornhill was nearly killed by the crop duster:

Ask the Dust: North by Northwest (1959/1990)

From Vertigo, one of Madeline’s attempted suicides:

Ask the Dust: Vertigo (1958/1990)


2 thoughts on “Cindy Bernard: Ask the Dust

  1. Dave Balcer

    Very cool work. Came upon it in Dan Auiler’s book about the making of Vertigo. Knowing the title of yr series is from the brilliant Fante novel I decided to do an internet search and came upon this. When a little time is on my side I plan on investigating your work further. My moderate film club, just 5 or 6 of us depending on the week, have chosen Vertigo for this Friday. Thank you. Life is art is life is art is… in all its forms.

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