Alex Prager and Hitchcock

Alex Prager, born November 1, 1979, is an American filmmaker and photographer who draws inspiration from Hitchcock’s works with many references to The Birds (1963). 
Among the photographs she produced inspired by the film include a collection of photos she shot for W Magazine entitled “Spellbound.”


spellbound 2 spellbound
Prager also took a series of photos for an advertisement with Bogetta Veneta in 2011 that also pulls inspiration from Hitchcock’s film.
alex prager spring 2011 bog bog2 bog3
In addition to these, Prager also has an image in her own collection, The Big Valley (2008) entitled “Eve”
The inspiration is obvious in each of the photos.  The birds loom ominously and swoop similar to Hitchcock’s film.  They seem similar to the original film, obvious to our eyes that the birds were edited in after the photos were taken.  The women depicted are dressed in retro styled clothing with hair and makeup to match, with the exception of the Bogetta Veneta set.  The woman depicted in “Eve” is even wearing an ensemble similar to Tippy Hedren’s eau de nil green outfit from The Birds.

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