Pulp Fiction and Hitchcock

In Hitchcock’s famous slasher movie, Psycho, Marion Crane is shown driving in many scenes; this is also a famous motif Hitchcock uses in many of his other films. The driving in this film however, is more prominent because that is what takes her to the Bates Motel and leads to her death. In Pulp Fiction, Bruce Willis’s boxer Butch driving and stopping at the traffic lights after pulling off a big money swindle. That scene is very similar to when Marion takes the money and instead of going to the bank, like she tells her boss, she drives away with it. When both Bruce and Marion are at the stop light they see someone who knows they lied. It immediately makes them guilty and fearful of what is going to happen to them later.


This is a link to see Bruce and Marion in their escape scene next to each other to compare how similar they are.

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