“Notorious” Abstract

The paper focuses largely on Hitchcock’s editing style, particularly on his skillful camera movements and integration of shots and cuts. This paper argues that these elements stimulate the suspense throughout the film, making it one of Hitchcock’s cinematic masterpieces. A small portion of the paper will deal with suspense films in a general aspect as well as dealing with the elements that make up the genre and how it triggers people to feel such anxieties. Several references to critics are integrated as well as their input on the relationship between the director and suspense. There are several important scenes and sequences that are worth discussing. However the paper is limited to examining only three essential sequences. These scenes include the key retrieval, poisoning of Alicia, and descent down the stairs (final scene). Not only are these sequences filled with a variety of unique editing techniques, it also creates substantial suspense within the context of the plot. The paper will go into a shot by shot analysis of each sequence, allowing it to get the most out of the film.

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