Tracey Snelling, Woman on the Run, 2008

My assigned contemporary artist is Tracey Snelling. She is famous for her multimedia project exploring a fragmented narrative about a film noir heroine in Woman on the Run. Her exhibit transforms the Street Level Gallery at 21c Museum into another time and place through its video, photography, and 3-D story telling. Snelling takes inspiration through Hitchcock’s methods of creating suspense as well as motifs in some of his films. In her exhibit, it takes place in a motel, very similar to the setting in psycho. The main character, narrator is either a victim or a perpetrator, the audience is not sure until the end of the exhibit; the same thing happens in psycho. Marian Crane steals thousands of dollars, making her a thief and criminal, therefore making her the perpetrator, but after she is brutally murdered she is considered to be the victim. Hitchcock makes the audience wait and see to find out who she is until that scene. In Snelling’s exhibit there are a lot a shadows adding suspense and depth to a scene, also a sense of ambiguity. Snelling uses many more famous Hitchcockian tools in her contemporary art, but those are just a few main points having to do with this specific exhibit.

SnellingSnelling 2Snelling 3





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