Rope contains many elements that are now referred to as the “Hitchcockian” style. Hitchcock is famously the master of suspense, but there are many other little traits he places in each of his films that make it recognizably a Hitchcock film.┬áThis paper shows how Rope is a Hitchcockian film by explaining Hitchcock’s repetition throughout his work. In Rope there are three main characteristics that scream Hitchcock when you watch the film: the visual effects, reoccurring themes, and Hitchcock’s special ability to control his audience. The visual effects can be shown by the fact that this was Hitchcock’s first attempt with a color film, allowing him to emphasize things he wouldn’t have been able to in previous movies. For example, the transition from day to night is very significant to the plot and that effect wouldn’t have been the same in black and white. Rope is famous for its theme of homosexuality, which Hitchcock had a way of sneaking in to a lot of his films since it wasn’t acceptable at the time. And finally, Hitchcock’s control over his audience. In Rope Hitchcock takes over the audience in sneaky ways, such as having us hope no one looks in the wooden chest when we know what has happened is wrong.

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