Hitchcock’s “Rope”

Alfred Hitchcock uses an expert technique and theme of homosexuality to create Rope, a masterpiece that survives as part of his great legacy. Rope, filmed in 1948, has been widely analyzed throughout the decades as a unique piece of work, in both good and bad ways. The narrative itself, with its strong homosexual components, is unique piece of work. Hitchcock used many new techniques to create this film including Technicolor and “real time.” Hitchcock referred to the film as one of his “most exciting” pictures to design and bring to life. Rope is an exceptionally unique film that presented many challenges to the director, most notably the limited set design of the apartment. In the critical analysis paper I hope to analyze the techniques that Hitchcock used to make the film, and the underlying ideas of homosexuality at the time. By looking at theses two key aspects of the film, I hope to be able to take a fresh look from a different perspective into the mastermind of Hitchcock himself. The paper argues that Rope, even though it was received poorly at the time, is now recognized as one of Hitchcock’s greatest creations.

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