The Significance of Notorious Abstract

Hitchcock’s 1946 film Notorious is a stand out amongst the famous director’s numerous films. Though he made many other films that are arguably some of his best, this one stands as one of his more perfect, in terms of the actors cast to play the roles, cinematography, story, and so much more. I am pointing out three elements to this movie that influenced audiences at the time of its release and in the present, and influenced how Hitchcock made his other films from then on. His cinematography and the way he trumped production codes at the time truly revolutionized the way directing was approached as an art; his utilization of war-time sentiments and politics enabled Hitchcock to invite audience sentiment and personal investment in the movie – utilization of such personal topics such as patriotism is something he continues to use in his later films; apparent in this film is also his usage of strong female characters – films after this one began to churn out stronger females as a result of this bar-setting lead character in Notorious. All three of these factors all come together to make this film a standard for all other films to come.

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