Shower updated

Robert Whitman’s Shower was an installation piece created in the year 1964. It was inspired by the famous Psycho directed by  Hitchcock. Whitman’s piece depicted the famous shower murder of Marion Crane  played by  (Janet Leigh)  in the end of act 1.  Robert Whitman created an installation piece depicting the back of a woman taking a shower with her back turned to the audience,  this is an allusion to Psycho. The work It saw led me to buy  a shower curtain and mat that changes to look as if it is covered in blood as if you were stabbed and bled out when in contact with moisture.

Whitman began to create installations that linked objects with film images such as a woman showering. He was an artist that experimented ( like Hitchcock )  with the technology available. He eventually even created his one experimental art firm. Sadly, I couldn’t appreciate the whole piece since I can only get snippets of it, however, it makes one think.



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