Vertigo or Citizen Kane?

While there is no doubt that Vertigo is an excellent film and will be remembered as such for many years to come, I do not believe that it was the best Hitchcock picture. Personally, I am much more inclined to give that credit to Psycho as it is faster paced and better know in the younger generation. It is very influential for many thriller films made after the fact which wasn’t as much the case with Vertigo.¬†Psycho also has an advantage as it made later in Hitchcock’s career which¬†provides a little more understanding on how to work with the audience and how certain camera angels and lighting provide certain feelings.

Granted Citizen Kane is undeniably one of the best movies to have ever been made, however, I still feel that Psycho in some aspects is a more enjoyable film. While I have not studied Citizen Kane in such great depth, the amount of planning and subtlety of Psycho was truly astounding.

I understand this is an incredibly unpopular opinion but I feel with the amount of enjoyment watching Psycho gave me it is hard for me to justify giving it any other spot on the list except number 1. There are not many times that you see a movie that so widely affects the audience or cinema in such a way so at the very least Psycho must be respected in that aspect.

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