Vertigo’s Spot on Top

After viewing Vertigo and taking in consideration the film techniques available at the time, I do believe Vertigo has earned its spot as number one. Vertigo was Hitchcock’s experiment with new visual imaging techniques that allowed him to give the viewers the full effect of a man suffering with this condition. While the movie has received some criticism from newer generations about the overall time of the film and how long it takes to get to the plot twists, this just increases the audience’s anticipation of the conflict to come, in creating the aura of suspense. Hitchcock doesn’t give away crucial plot points, making the audience¬†predict and guess at the ending while in reality they will most likely be completely off. I know the ending with Judy falling off the tower, finding out the husband had planned it all along, and there never was anything going on with Madeline’s family history/ancestors was a shocker to me. Therefore I believe Hitchcock’s start of the suspense genre does deserve its spot on top.


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