Vertigo: Number 1

Vertigo deservesĀ its spot as the greatest film of all time. Hitchcock’s use and manipulation of camera techniques create an unforgettable experience for the audience. At the time of its release, the film was criticized for having a slow plot and dragging, and, though I do agree with this to an extent, I believe the innovative new techniques that were used overshadow this. Though the inventive camera techniques are crucial, there are also other techniques including plot twists and suspense that help build an incredible experience. TheĀ plot twist that Madeline was actually Judy was something most people watching would never expect and the suspense leading up to Scottie and Judy’s encounter on the tower was nearly unbearable. The ending of the film where Judy falls off the tower was a huge shock too. All of these techniques and situations support the idea that this is the greatest movie ever made. It embodies all the characteristics we as a society value in a film with some added shockers thrown in there.

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