Well Deserved Placement

I think Vertigo definitely deserves its spot at number one. While I haven’t seen the other contenders, Vertigo completely amazed me for a movie at that time. While the plot was criticized at the time for being too slow at points (all the scenes of the “Scottie” following Madeline in the car), it is obvious decades later that the movie is a masterpiece. Watching the film for the first time, I didn’t see any of the plot twists coming: when Madeline supposedly jumped and died off the tower the first time, Judy actually being “fake” Madeline, and the realization that this whole movie happened so that a man could get away with murder. Vertigo is definitely one of those movies that has to be watched a second time, or even a third, to pick up on all of the details and to appreciate all of the shots that Hitchcock used. Vertigo is an amazing thriller that gets better the more you watch it. 

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