Impressions of Vertigo

Having previously seenĀ Vertigo about two years ago, my opinion of it has certainly been altered after watching the film a second time. After my first viewing, I felt robbed. The plot line was not cohesive, the ending was abrupt, and Jimmy Stewart’s character was incredibly irritating. However, I definitely needed that second viewing to appreciate the film’s artistic value. While I personally do not rank is as high as the #1 movie ever, I understand the rating. With the second viewing, I had more time to pick up on smaller cinematographic details, as opposed to being wrapped up in the extensive plot line. I can now appreciate Kim Novak’s versatility as an actress in this film, along with Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of a psychopath. During my first viewing, I struggled with the way Scottie treats Judy, him wanting to completely change her, even though she does technically understand why he is doing what he is doing. Because of this, I think this movie is a bit unsavory to my generation as an audience, as opposed to the generation actually rating these films. Alternatively, I can now view Scottie as a character haunted by Madeline, and the disconnect between the way he treats Judy and the way he actually is, as he is seen in the beginning of the movie towards Midge, almost as if they are not the same character. So, to anyone who had trouble watching this movie, I recommend giving it another chance.

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