Ranking of Vertigo

I did not really like the movie and I don’t think it should of been as acclaimed as it was. I don’t particularly care for the film’s symbolism – Saul Bass’s spirograph credits for instance, the nightmare sequence, or about San Francisco or what it means.  Furthermore, Laura Mulvey criticizes the film with her Gaze Theory when she say’s, ” starting point the way film reflects, reveals and even plays in the straight, socially established interpretation of sexual difference that controls images, erotic ways of looking and spectacle.” I disagree with Mulvey because I feel I have a different interpretation than a man does, thus I do not feel any pleasure from looking when a male probably would.  However,  I thought it was interesting how Hitchcock utilized technology in the film. For instance the silent sequence of Scottie tailing Madeleine. The camera floats, when it follows the pale car, when Kim Novak appears like she is a ghost, or when Scottie is just a floating head. Also, the animation in the credits was quite revolutionary for the time. So, I would rate this film somewhere in the middle of the rest of the Hitchcock films I have seen.

Deutelbaum, Marshall. “A Closer Look at Scopophilia:Mulvey, Hitchcock, and Vertigo.” In A Hitchcock Reader. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1986. (P. 234)



2 thoughts on “Ranking of Vertigo

  1. marbut

    I agree with the points you make about Mulvey. As a women I disagree with her facts about a man’s gaze. I think it is ridiculous that she always thinks that the women is objectified and in that position. A man could be in the same position although it is not as likely. I think she is over exaggeration the facts and is putting a lot of blame on the minds of males. Men cannot help the way they think; just as women cannot help the way they think.

  2. mmurphy4

    You made some interesting points. I agree with you that watching this film as a woman may result in some bias. It is possible that women would be more likely to agree with Mulvey’s essay than men and this could sway their opinions of the film. Also, I agree with your statement that the technology was the most impressive aspect of the film- I was very surprised with the opening credits and how Madeleine appeared to be a ghost.

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