The Innocent Pursued

A reoccurring motif in Hitchcock’s films is of the innocent man being pursued by various forces like the police or villains. In the filmĀ The Lodger, the Lodger is falsely accused of being the serial kill, the Avenger, and is hunted down by Joe, the police, and an angry mob of civilians until Joe discovers that the real Avenger has already been caught and ends up rescuing the Lodger from a fiasco that he created. In the filmĀ Blackmail, though Tracy is a criminal, he is also falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, pursued by Frank and the police, and ends up falling to his death while trying to escape.

The Lodger’s handcuffs caught on metal fence posts while trying to escape from Joe and the police’s clutches.

Joe saving the Lodger from the angry mob after discovering the Lodger’s innocence.

Tracy trying escape from the police in the museum.

Tracy being chased onto the skylight of the British Museum by Frank and two other policemen. In moments, Tracy will die as he falls through the glass roof.



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