Staircase Motif

After viewing The Lodger and Blackmail it is clear that Hitchcock has his own set of motifs that can be directly associated with Hitchcockian style. One of his most famous motifs that he’s already showcased in The Lodger and Blackmail is the staircase. Hitchcock uses the staircase in The Lodger as a way of showing the audience the different levels of society each character is in. While the lodger is from a higher social class he is upstairs, and Joe and Daisy’s family are downstairs, symbolizing them as the lower working class. The staircase is used to show how the lodger comes down from his class to find this woman and bring her back up with him. The staircase is also used in Blackmail when Hitchcock built a special set just so the audience could watch the two climb the stairs in suspense of what will happen next. The staircase is an important motif which shows a beginning to the Hitchcock style as a whole.


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