Vertigo as His Legacy

Some critics will say that Psycho is the best film of all time. It is one Hitchcock’s most well known films.  Even to the most recent generations, it has gotten to the point where many people recognize the shower murder scene but may not even know it’s source.  The sheer amount of pop culture references the scene has generated are too numerous to count.  That being said, Vertigo has claimed that spot, and this rightfully so.  Vertigo as a film was Hitchcock’s most effective and potent personal commentaries.  The main character has an unhealthy obsession with the leading lady of the film, forcing her to change for him.  “Many agree it is Hitchcock’s most effective and personal commentary on his medium, the spell of cinema and his role in it” (Rhik Samadder). This is eerily reminiscent of the “Hitchcock Blonde” syndrome.  It is also unique in the fact that Scottie’s main hindrance is a medical condition, something not imposed on him.  It is not a villain, or an outside force contradicting his desires, it is his own body.  This, along with the film’s apparent obsession with the inevitability of death adds extra layers to the entire tone of the film.

–The link to the critical article I agree with can be found in the hyperlink of Rhik Samdder’s quote.

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