Frenzy (1972)

The film Frenzy was Alfred Hitchcock’s second to last film before his death. The film is known to many as his most violent and gruesome film of his career. This paper focuses on the connections from childhood to adulthood that lead to his personality and love for the suspense-thriller. Specially, this paper gives insight into the psychological mind of Alfred Hitchcock and how that lead to Frenzy and many of his other films. There are shared characteristics that his films have in common, overpowering mother, violence towards women, and a fear of police that are exhibited in his films, my paper answers why that is. Frenzy exemplifies some of the harsher elements in Hitchcock and during its release in 1972 was highly regarded as Hitchcock’s most violent piece. This paper is inside look into the mind of the creator and helps to bring insight into the motives and reoccurring themes that are present in Frenzy and other films. The paper will argue that due to Alfred Hitchcock’s troubled child, the “Master of Suspense” was able to use it to his advantage and become one of the world’s most respected and accomplished directors of all time.

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