A “Woman on the Run”… From What?

“[Tracey] Snelling, an artist based in Oakland, Calif., intricately combines architecture, scale modeling, video, photography and 3-D storytelling into a multimedia narrative of an ill-fated woman, replete with old Hollywood glamour and the suspense of a vintage Alfred Hitchcock film.” (Ivonne Rovira)

In her beautiful, interactive piece, Snelling utilizes classic Hitchcock Suspense artfully.  As one walks through the piece, it is as if they are watching one of he Master of Suspense’s films; the further into the exhibit one goes, the more their learn about the crime this woman is running from.  The viewers themselves become detectives as they work through the entirety of the exhibit to discover the story.  With her art, Snelling has made a living, breathing, interactive Hitchcock movie.  The exhibit changes every time it moves venues, which allows Snelling to keep her Hitchcock homage suspenseful every time a patron walks through it.


1 thought on “A “Woman on the Run”… From What?

  1. mr39memory

    Finding pieces like this are interesting to look at because we see Hitchcock’s themes and movie techniques come alive. Almost as if we were walking through the set during filming except everything is frozen. The artistic style definitely poses some form of fear upon the analyst with its life size characters and their strange expressions. I like this type of tribute to Hitchcock in the form of contemporary art.

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