A Cartoon Tribute

Aside from being two of the most popular late night cartoons on television, Family Guy and The Simpsons have something else in common: both shows have had numerous Hitchcock references in their many episodes.  Although these homages are obviously made in jest, both cartoons honor Hitchcock’s name in their comedy.  They show writers wouldn’t write the gag if they weren’t sure people would recognize it, which means they know how renowned his films truly are.

Although The Simpsons has many more references to many of Hitchcock’s films than Family Guy, they both are alike in their homage to North by Northwest.

The Simpsons – for the whole scene, click here

Family Guy – for the whole scene, click here

Family Guy reference to the Hitchcock Silhouette

–For all of the Hitchcock references The Simpsons have made over the years, click here

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