Hitch in the modern day

April 4th

Option 2

A popular early 2000’s show by the name of That 70’s Show made an episode as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, in fact it was the first time in which it had heard of him. The episode was a Halloween episode in which there is a combination of Hitchcock movies thrown into the mix.  You had the main character gazing on his neighbor through his window believing he had seen a murder. The mother taking care of the neighbors bird witch turns out to be aggressive, and many more references. The popular TV show The Simpsons also made many episodes based on movies such as Dial “M” for Murder, Vertigo, and Strangers on a train. The idea that to this day TV shows are still making tribute episodes to movies that were made in the 1940’s-50’ speaks ends in of itself. Very few other directors have gained the levels of fame that Hitch has reached. hitch 2

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