Vertigo great, not greatest

Hitchcock was able to do what many filmmakers fail to do over a course of a career in one film. Create a complete film. Sounds simple, but for the lives of many films and filmmakers this idea is usually never seen. Vertigo, from start to finish is a full movie experience that ties in story to technique to his infamous “Hitchcockian” style to fortify his film into one of the greatest films of all time. But not the best.


The New Yoker’s Richard Brody, gives insight,” there would be no “Vertigo” if not for “Kane.” Brody pleads that Citizen Kane, that recently held the title for greatest film of all time should have held it’s spot for number one. My opinion shifts gears from what should be the number one movie of all time into a different question. What defines the best movie of all time? Surely, each film has different things in what it trying to accomplish, but to assert that one movie accomplishes more things or more important things is tough to say. For me, Vertigo is Hitchcock’s best film, it it what he imagined and he fulfilled it to the maximum. Debate will linger on whether it was or is the greatest film ever, but to me no film can hold that award, for no two films should be compared under the same standards.



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