Stan Douglas – Subject to a Film: Marnie

Stan Douglas is known for reworking films in new ways. His short film titled Subject to a Film: Marnie is a recreation of a scene from Hitchcock’s Marnie. Marnie was initially met with negative reviews, mainly due to its controversial rape scene, but overtime it has grown in fame because it reveals much about Hitchcock’s directorial style. Douglas’ recreation is a loop of a scene in which Marnie robs the office where she works. The film is reshot in a modern setting, with computers instead of typewriters, though it is in black and white rather than color. This color effect is used to establish the effect of remembrance, as though he is reflecting back on Hitchcock’s film history. The film loops right as Marnie is about to leave the building, highlighting that she can never escape the consequences of crime. The film also slows down during action sequences, reflecting a Hitchcock motif of voyeurism.  Though I could not find the film online, here is a photograph of the set.

The set of Stan Douglas’ modern recreation of Hitchcock’s “Marnie”

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