Looking for Alfred

Looking for Alfred is a short film, lasting only 10 minutes, directed by Johan Grimonprez. The film follows the director in his search for the perfect Hitchcock double. Grimonprez did not want to limit himself to one particular area. Screen tests were held in New York, L.A., and London in his attempt to find a perfect match. Eventually Mike Perry was cast as the voice of Hitchcock. Ron Burrage was cast as the Hitchcock look a like. A book was published by Grimonprez that details his plan during filming. Looking for Alfred explored the legacy of Hitchcock and paid homage to him and his films through detailed references in film. The short film focus’s on Hitchcock’s idea of a double.

Another well known piece of art by Grimonprez was the film Double Take. Double Take was an “essay-film” by the same director. It includes footage from the cold war era and it follows Alfred Hitchcock as a history professor who encounters his double. Hitchcock has a discussion with his double and is scared by his doppelganger. The major themes of Double Take are paranoia, falsehoods, and contradictions.

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