Girardet and Müller

Cristoph Girardet and Matthias Müller created a compilation of short films titled the Phoenix Tapes. Released in 1999, the Phoenix Tapes. Created from clips and images from Hitchcock’s films, the Phoenix Tapes is split into five parts, each with its own theme.

From Phoenix Tapes #2: Burden of Proof

The artists examine Hitchcock’s attention to detail and his use of symbolism. The universally recognized and interpreted signals communicated in the smallest period of time captivated Girardet and Müller. Hitchcock’s “pure cinema” is capable of igniting a deep and emotional reaction within each viewer without using any dialogue or music. A single movement or expression can indicate an entire emotion in another person, an intent. These details with which Hitchcock was obsessed encompass the entire spectrum of the human experience in a second or less.

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