David Reed

David Reed is an abstract artist who was born in California. He is known for creating long, narrow abstract paintings on canvas. His is involved in the film, electronic media, and everyday culture. He created the “Vertigo Project” (1994) inspired by Hitchcock’s film Vertigo.

Judy's Room

Judy’s RoomScottie's RoomScottie’s Room

He titled his artwork “Two Bedrooms in San Francisco”, there is “Scottie’s Room” and “Judy’s Room”. He was inspired to do this because he noticed that a lot of people that bought his paintings would hang them up in their room.

To create “Two Bedrooms in San Francisco” he recreated the bedrooms of Scottie and Judy in to real life replica’s and on a television screen next to the bed he played Vertigo. He also replaced the the original art above the bed with a painting of his own.

Original on the left, Reed's painting on the right.

Original on the left, Reed’s painting on the right.

This artist drew inspiration from Hitchcock to comment on film history. This is because he combined different media, in this case canvas, video, and his installations. He was also “interested in the way we are affected by movies”, the imprints they leave on us, and how they become part of our cultural and personal memory.

He also made the real life scenario so people could experience the movie in a different way. By making a real life replica people are able to physically inhabit these places which is different than just seeing it.

I think this could also be inspired by Hitchcock’s object as fetish and the “possessive ” spectator. I feel this because Hitchcock did have an obsession with filming in bedroom’s. By entering into Judy and Scottie’s rooms it gives that intimacy that Hitchcock was obsessed with in filming. It also gives a voyeur feeling as we are looking into an area that is somewhat forbidden. Overall, I think Reed’s creation expresses Hitchcock’s technological innovation and insertion into rooms that give off a voyeuristic feeling.

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