Hitchcock in pop culture

Barbie Collector 2008 Black Label - Pop Culture Collection - Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS Barbie Doll, Tippi Hedren     Hitchcock The GirlFiner Feed: HBO Gets its Hitchcock On, KFC Loves the Gays, and Ryan Lochte's Never Changing Olympic Face  The image of the Tippi Hedren doll is an advertisement for collectible pop culture dolls on Amazon. The other two pictures are of Sienna Miller playing Tippi Hedren and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock in the 2012 film, The Girl. It is a film about the making of The Birds, and the controversial relationship between Hedren and Hitchcock.




1 thought on “Hitchcock in pop culture

  1. cmeadows

    I think it’s funny that the doll seems to be smiling. But if making a horrific bird attack look like a joyful stroll gets a product to sell, who can argue? The Tippi Hendren lookalike is pretty convincing to me, though. If I didn’t know better, I might could be fooled to think that image was directly from “The Birds.” Hitchcock, on the other hand, looks very fake. He might pass for a Halloween party but for a movie, they could’ve done better.

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