Hitchcock inspired art in pop culture

For this post I wanted to look more into the influence Hitchcock has had on art in the past decade, and I found two interesting examples.  I wanted to show how even more than half a century later his work is still being referenced; it hasn’t lost its relevance in pop culture as the years go by.  The audience that is able to recognize it off hand may be getting smaller, but it doesn’t lesson the impact Hitchcock and his films has had on not just film culture, but our culture as a whole.

While scrolling through tumblr a while back I found a series of pictures featuring today’s celebrities portraying scenes from classic Hitchcock films.  It turns out it was “The Hitchcock Hollywood Portfolio” from a 2008 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, their website has captions for each of the pictures that talk about the film and Hitchcock himself.


I also found a Texas based art company, Mondo, that creates limited edition screen printed posters for classic and contemporary films.  Several were created to look like movie posters for some Hitchcock’s films.


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