Hitch for Kids

Hitchock homages are everywhere. One of the weirdest homages (and probably the least-understood by the audience) are homages in kids’ entertainment. Here are two examples of homages to one of Hitchcock’s most famous scenes:


(Skip to 1:44-2:06)



1 thought on “Hitch for Kids

  1. L.B. Jefferies

    I feel its really interesting to see even Hitchcock references in kids shows like Looney Tunes and Fosters Home. We have probably seen these episodes a dozen times as kids and we never really knew the reference until we begin to go into Hitchcock’s films. I for one never really noticed these until after watching Hitchcock’s film and then thinking back to all those shows I watched as a kid then realizing that this is where it all originated from. I especially love how in the Looney Tunes clip how they show Bugs dumping the chocolate syrup down the train. It was like they weren’t only making a tribute to Hitchcock they also got their little jab in at his unique methods. I also find the part in Fosters Home where Cheese is using the carrot to stab Eduardo funny. Its kind of ironic because you can’t penetrate someone with a carrot and Hitchcock was not allowed to show the knife penetrating someones skin. I’m not sure but to me it seems just a little ironic.

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