High Anxiety and Hitchcock

Mel Brooks’ film High Anxiety is famously dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock, referencing scenes from Spellbound, Vertigo and Psycho.  The film is a compilation of different movies, re-done with a modern take.  Mel Brooks directed and stars in this film as Dr. Richard Thorndyke, and we follow him to his institution where we see many encounters similar to what we would see in a Hitchcock film.


Taken from Vertigo


Another famous scene Brooks recreated is the infamous Psycho shower scene, only this time the weapon of choice is a newspaper.

High Anxiety Shower Scene

The Birds jungle gym scene

The Birds jungle gym scene

More famous scenes from Hitchcock’s films are mentioned in High Anxiety, including The 39 Steps and North by North West.  This is really a film everyone should watch as Brooks captures the Hitchcockian techniques, such as the McGuffin and the essence of staircases.

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