Not So Great

According to the British Film institute and many critiques, Vertigo is Alfred Hitchcock’s film and the greatest film of all time. This claim I believe is false. I will admit, Vertigo did use some unique filming aspects as Laurie Boeder says in her critique on Vertigo ” Vertigo used camera angles and techniques innovative for its time, and much copied in later years”. I personally liked the use of zooming in and out to simulate the fear of heights. The film also had a very interesting and cool introduction. However this is not enough to make a film good, let alone great. In order for a film to be great it has to be more than just technical aspects that catch the trained eye. It has to capture the hearts of the ordinary viewer. The plot was lacking in speed and depth. To most viewers today, it would be a pain to watch because of its slowness. A film should be timeless, but Vertigo was sufficient for its time. Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Rear Window” would be best suited for the title of Greatest Hitchcock Film. “Rear Window” had a fantastic plot with great characters and it had unique and brand new technical aspects that made it a film not just centered on its plot. This film could hold the attention of my generation and deserves the title much more

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