Beds, Blondes, and Baths

In several of Hitchcock’s films, you will see a series of recurring motifs. For example, couples and beds, confined spaces such as trunks and bathtubs, and of course, blondes. Rear Window is an excellent example for all of these. These motifs contribute to and enhance the plot of the film. In Rear Window, the couples and beds motif is already built-in to the plot, since Jefferies has a broken leg, and has nowhere to go. Bathtubs also play an important role in the film, because that’s where Stella thinks the murder has gone down – and you do see Thorwald scrubbing the bathtub down later in the movie. Lisa, Jefferies’ girlfriend in the film, continues to prove Hitchcock’s obsession with blondes. Lisa, though, plays a very sophisticated type of girl, not one who is easily outmaneuvered when she wants something.

Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock film, and every time I watch it, I always seem to find something new, whether it be a small detail in the scenery or a comment that went unnoticed before.

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